NOT From the Smith County Pioneer


August  Meetings: .

Aug 15th - Randy Peterson, CEO
Stormont Vail Hospital

Aug 22nd  - Burt DeWeese, Physical Therapist,
 REBOUND Physical Therapy

Aug 29th - Don Stewart, Heart Transplant


September Programs: Lancasters


August 1st - Brigadier General Ed Gerhardt presented many interesting facts about items that are housed at the Kansas National Guard Museum. The museum is located just off of South Topeka Blvd. at the entrance to the Airport. Included are Civil War cannons, Tanks, Fighters and Bombers and a tent made up like the MASH TV program. He distributed brochures about the Museum as well as information about an upcoming event. On August 28-31, the Vietnam Traveling Wall will be in Topeka. There is no admission change for the event.

August 8th - The August Program Chair, Junior Elder, made arrangements for a Barber Shop Quartet to entertain the club. They sang a number of lively songs that most members knew with a special tune for Cindy Patton.

Joe, Nancy and others have done a great job of getting our club involved in helping youth in the community. Nancy has reported to the club in the last few weeks how our club can assist families when their child in under medical care.
To see her report and information provided by Joe about NET Reach click here to got to Upcoming Events