Upcoming Events


September  Meetings: .

Sept 26th - Junior Elder's daughter "Adventures in Teaching"

October Meeting:

October 3rd -- Installation of 2014-2015 Officers

October 10th – Angie Jones, Special Agent, Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Ms. Jones is part of the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force and has worked numerous investigations involving child exploitation, child pornography and domestic minor sec trafficking. She can provide examples of how to better protect children from this threat.

 October 17th – Susan Duffy, General Manager, Topeka Metro. Ms. Duffy has been the General Manager of Topeka Metro since 2012 and will share many of the new initiatives that are taking place around Topeka. From new bus stops popping up around town to programs to increase ridership to Topeka Metro Bikes there is lots to learn about.

October 24th – Tony Weingartner, Assistant Director, Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Weingartner serves as the Assistant Director of Investigations and oversees all agents within the unit. He will share about the role of the KBI in supporting local law enforcement across the state. The KBI is dedicated to providing professional investigative and laboratory services to criminal justice agencies, and the collection and dissemination of criminal justice information to public and private agencies, for the purpose of promoting public safety and the prevention of crime in Kansas.

October 31st – Vickie Brokke, President and CEO of Topeka Civic Theater. Ms. Brokke is a returning speaker to Optimist and will share about the new collaboration with Shawnee County Parks & Recreation, the coming theater season and future plans for TCT.


Don't forget: Installation of Officers will be on October rather than at the last meeting of the Optimist Fiscal Year (i.e. Sept 26th

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