From the Smith County Pioneer


-- A lonely frog telephoned the psychic hotline and asked what his future holds. He was told: "You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you." The frog was thrilled and says, "This is great, will I meet her at a party?" "No," says the psychic, "in a biology class."
-- While driving in Missouri, a family caught up with an Amish carriage whose driver had a sense of humor. On the back was a sign: "Energy efficient vehicle, runs on oats and grass. Caution: Don't step in exhaust."

 April Meetings: Cindy Patton, Program Chair
- April 5 - Elizabeth Patton, Senator Jerry Moran's office
- April 12 - Joe Patton
- April 19 - Sec. Mile King, Kansas Dept of Transportation
- April 26 - Cathy Ramshaw, Net Reach Topeka Youth program for Hi-Crest area


March 22, 2013

A singing group, the Melodears, were rescheduled from December to sing. But the program was again cancelled because of the threat of bad weather. Without a program, the members present visited longer and then were brought up-to-date on fund-raisers that were planned for the Club.
Nancy Foster described the first fund-raiser, "Flowers for Mother's Day." She distributed pictures of the flowers in pots or baskets and also handed out order forms. She indicated that she was told that they were easy to sell and the difference between what Jackson Greenhouse charges and what they sell for will be profit for the club.

A picture of the plants and a copy of the order blank can be found on the Upcoming Events webpage.
They will be delivered between May 1st and May 8th.
Little coin banks, filled with Tootsie Rolls, were given to those who wanted them, to be used to be filled with coins.

Charley Galligher discussed activities taking place in the District. He was also going to present the Optimist of the Quarter Award but the person was not at the meeting.

Guests: Patty Trotter and Charley Galligher
Birthdays: Suzi Obermeier and Marilyn Meyer

Winners of the drawings were: Ted Heim, Ken Lierz (Not Present) and Patty Trotter.


March 29, 2013
Oratorical Contest Winners

Charles Galligher again visited the Club to present the Optimist of the Quarter to Carrie Lancaster. Nancy Foster updated the Club on the progress of the fund-raising effort. Nancy did not get the names of two persons that took the candy backs. If you didn't give Nancy before leaving the last meeting, please see or call her. There are still three banks available ... see or call Nancy. Again, click on Upcoming Events to see the pictures of the flowers and the order bank. The flowers will be delivered before Mother's Day.

The three winners of the Club's Essay Contest presented their essays to the Club.
Third Place -- Jenn McNary, Senior at Hayden
Second Place -- Eric Schmar, Senior at Hayden
First Place -- Lydia Gibson, Senior, Home Schooled

Guests: Patty Trotter and Charley Galligher
    Including Families of Essayists
Birthday -- Dean Landman

Winners of the drawings were:
Sign In: Brenda McNary
Badge: Art Lancaster
50/50: Mike Aculow