Our German Trip

This is a picture of the Town Church in Wittenberg taken from the market square. The Castle Church, where Luther post his 95 Theses is just down the street in the opposite direction Sigwards Church of Idensen was built between 1124 & 1130. On of the many churches in the area where Dean's ancestors attended back in the 1400 & 1500's, including Dean's  great-grandfather, Ernest (Henry) Hecht.
St Martin Lutheran Church in Hohnhorst. Many ancestors and cousins were baptized in this church. Even some modern day cousins still attend here. Cemeteries are really beautifully maintained. No relation, but could be a cousin of a cousin. The Borgmann's are on Dean's mother's side but this cemetery in in Kirchboitzen,
This picture was taken by the Genealogist Dean contacted in 2004. He was leaning badly to one side when he took his picture this September!!!
All of the Willes on this memorial were Dean's cousins that died in action for Germany. This does not include WWI or II on this memorial but numerous others include WWI & II causalities Lutheran Church at Kirchboitzen. Dean's grandfather on his father's side was baptizied in this church. Kirschboitzen is about 40 miles north of towns where his mother's side came from.