Topeka Engineers Club
September 18, 2014

September  Meeting

Our September meeting will be on Thursday,

September 20, 2014, and will be held at noon at  Chow Time Buffet, Sushi and Grill. Chow Time is backed up along 17th street just east of 17th and Wanamaker

Treasurerís Report

Beginning Balance                221.02
Printing & Mailing

Ending Balance                    216.22

  Dues Due??? 

Hold off until we discuss the future of the TEC. Remember, in order to prevent the need to open a special checking account, make the checks out to "E.D.Landman" and write "Topeka Engineers Club" in the memo line.

Just Who are You!

Our speaker for this month is your own Newsletter Editor, Dean Landman. I am going to tell you something about where I came from and share some humorous things that I was told. The purpose of the talk is to get each of you to think about and appreciate how each of you came to be here. Several years ago, I talked about genealogy but this is entirely different

At the May meeting we had only five in attendance and the speaker never showed. We enjoyed the visit which included a discussion of whether we should continue the club or let it die gracefully. It is kind of embarrassing to have so few when we have a quality speaker and it is not fair for those who come to not have a good program. (To be truthful, we are about to run out of good ideas.)  In addition to my presentation, we need to decide about the future of TEC.
1. Continue the Club as it has been for almost a century
2. Continue the Club but have no regular programs, except when a subject is offered.
3. Discontinue the Club but have regular meetings to just get together and visit
4. Discontinue the Club

Your Editor is taking the liberty to editorialize: I would like to continuing meeting, even if the Club is dissolved. If we quit having meetings, I might never see some of you again.

Minutes for May 15, 2014
 (There were no minutes taken as there was no program and no business conducted.)