Index of Lutheran (LCMS) Cemeteries in Kansas

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Cemetery Name Active Church, if present Location Cnty Organized Notes
Concordia Cemetery Assoc. with St John 3 mi N of Susank, Barton Co BT    
Evangelical Lutheran   Near Faqua, Cheyenne Co. CN   Zion Lutheran Church was organized in the area.
Zion Ev. Lutheran SW of St. Francis;   Sect 2, Twp 4S, Range 42W CN   One of Several Zion Cemeteries in area
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church   Sect 13, Twp 4S, Range 42W CN

One of Several Zion Cemeteries in area
Zion Cemetery, Pittsburg Zion Lutheran Church App 3 blks S of Quincy & Rouse St on E side just N of RR crossing CR

St John Cemetery, Herington St John Lutheran Church, Herington S side of K-4, 4 mi W of US-77 Jct.  N of Herington DK    
Lutheran Cemetery Now assoc. w Christ, Wathena Intersection of Pawnee & RS 824 in Section 2 DP   No church in immediate area. 1947 Co. Map shows a church 1/2 mi E.
St John Cemetery, Tampa St John Lutheran Church, Tampa 3 1/2 mi N of Tampa in Sect 6, Marion Co. MN    
St John Cemetery, White City   6 mi W & 1 mi N of White City, Morris Co. MR    
Trinity, Afton Trinity Lutheran Church, Afton 1 mi E of WS/MS Co. line & 3 mi S of US-36 MS    
German Lutheran near Bern   2 1/2 mi W of Bern & 1 1/2 mi N NM    
St John Cemetery, near Bern   2 mi W of Bern, 1/2 mi S. W of road in field NM    
St Peter Cemetery, Phillips Co.   4 mi N & 2 mi E of Logan, Phillips Co. PL    
Trinity Cemetery, Stuttgart First Lutheran, Phillipsburg 1/4 mi W of Stuttgart PL   Trinity disbanded in 1945 (see note in "Former Cong > Trinity, Stuttgart")
Zion Cemetery, Phillips Co.   2 mi E & 4 1/2 mi S of Stuttgart, Phillips Co. PL    
St Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Preston St Paul Lutheran Church, Prestion App. 1 mi N of Natrona, Sec 6 in Pratt Co. PR    
Immanual, Ludell   1/2 mi N of Ludell, Rawlins  Co. RA    
Trinity, Ludell   4 mi N of Ludell, Rawlins Co. RA    
Emmanuels Church   5 mi W of Chase in Rice Co.on US-56 & 1 1/2 mi N. RC    
Trinity, Otis   1 mi W & 1/2 mi S of Otis, Rush Co. RH    
Immanual Lutheran Cemetery   Just N of Wilson in Russell Co. RS    
Germantown Cemetery, Kensington   130 & B Road SM   Original Cemetery for St John, Germantown, Now First St John, Kensington
Zion, Athol   5 mi N of Athol, Smith Co. SM   Zion merged with First St John, Kensington
Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Templin   App. 4 mi N of Alta Vista, Sect 24 in Wabaunsee Co. WB