From the Smith County Pioneer

-- Teacher: "Why are you so late?"   Student: "Class started before I got here."
-- Teacher: "Harold, what do you call a who keeps talking when people are no longer interested?"
     Harold: "A teacher."
-- Teacher: "Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?"
     Donald: "H I J K L M N O."
     Teacher: "What are you talking about?"
     Donald: "Yesterday you said it was H to O."

November Meetings: Gordon Schmid, Chair

Nov. 22 - David Bruns, District Court of Appeals
Nov. 29 - NO MEETING!!! Black Friday ... Go shopping, No, on second thought, just stay at home.

December Meeting: Nancy Foster, Chair

Dec 6 Bob Evanson -  Healthcare issues
Dec 13 Lowman Hill singers  Laurie Christy
Dec 20 Topeka High Madrigals Steve Eubanks
Dec 27 - NO MEETING!!! Christmas break


Minutes - Downtown Optimists, November 8th

No minutes available

Minutes - Downtown Optimists, November 15th

No minutes available