From the Smith County Pioneer

Did you know that there are almost 10 times more crows killed on the roads by truck as there is by cars?

Reason: Research has determined that crows always have a look-out if danger appears.
However, the look-out can say "Cah" but not "Truck!"


 July Meetings:

- - July 26th - Ron Brown, School Safety

August Meetings:  Ron Brown, Chair
- - August 2nd - Rescheduling of the Dept of Correction's tour.

- - August 9th - Visit by student the club helped sponsor.

- - August 16 - 30th - To be determined


Minutes - Downtown Optimists, July 19th

 Ted Heim reported that he had rescheduled a club visitation to Department of Corrections for August 2nd. He needs for you to make reservations so they will know how for many to serve lunch. He indicated that he hoped Nancy Foster will take reservations. She should be sending out an email with details.