From the Smith County Pioneer

 Ordinarily, your editor doesn't include stories about politics or religion. But this one was too funny.

A gambler was at the horse race playing the ponies and was losing his shirt when he noticed a priest step out onto the track and bless the forehead of one of the horses. Lo and behold, that horse, a longshot, won the race.
The next race, as the horses lined up, the priest stepped onto the track and sure enough, blessed one of the horses. The gambler made a bee-line to the betting window and placed a small bet on the horse. Again, even though it was a longshot, that horse won.
This kept on from race to race and the gambler increased his bets and was winning back al that he had lost.
This continued until the last race, which included an old nag, which was the longest shot of the day. The priest not only blessed the forehead, but also the eyes, ears and hooves of the old nag. Since it was the longest shot of the day, the gambler went to the ATM machine a withdrew all his savings and placed his bet.
The gambler watched dumbfounded as the old nag came in last. Confronting the priest, the gambler asked, "What happened? All day long, you blessed the horses and they won. But in the last race, the one that you blessed finished last."
The priest nodded with sympathy said, "That is the problem with you Protestants, you don't know the difference between a blessing and last rite."


 June Meetings: Mike Akulow, Program Chair

- June 21 - Various Guest for Anniversary Recognition of both the Optimist Reading Program at the Juvenile Detention Center and Lowman Hills Mentoring program
- June 28 - Chad Omitt, National Weather Service, Review of the Great Flood of 1993

July Meetings: Gary Fleenor, Program Chair
- -
July 5 - No Meeting, Top of the Tower will be closed for the holiday
- July 12 - Field Trip to the Shawnee County Detention Center. Lunch will  be served at the Detention Center. This will be very interesting and an opportunity that many persons will never otherwise have. Please email or call in your reservations so a lunch will be available for you. The price will be similar to the Top of the Tower (which is also closed on this date) Call 785-xxx-xxxx or email to xxxx@xxxxxx. (Who to notify and the deadline will be determined during this Friday's meeting ... stay tuned)
- July 19th & 26th - No information available at this time

Minutes - Downtown Optimists, June 7th

 The meeting was held on Friday Evening at Christ the King Church, rather than at the usual time and place.  There were a number of visitors and spouses in attendance. Everyone seemed to catered spaghetti meal. Mike Akulow introduced our speaker, Bonar Menninger, author of a new book and the June 8th Tornado. Mr. Menninger discussed the people he interviewed and showed pictures that he had collected that were taken during and following the tornado.

For those that lived in Topeka at the time, it brought back many memories.

June 14th Minutes