From the Smith County Pioneer


-- Most dogs sleep 11 hours out of every 24 hours.
-- Astronauts do not snore when aloft. weightlessness lets the soft palate float.
-- The hair on the back of a young man's neck grows twice as fast as the hair on top of his head.

 May Meetings: Tom Wigley, Program Chair
May 17 - Brian Cole, Shawnee County Corrections.
- May 24 - Bob Beatty, Washburn, Political Science Dept.

---Remaining Meeting in May will be list as soon as it is available

May 10, 2013

Ron Brown introduced Mike Hollman, recipient of the Club's Law & Order award. Mike is retiring after a long career with the District 501 patrol, serving as an officer at Topeka High. He reflected on the activities students at the school both in the past and now. Mike introduced his wife, Marilyn and his daughter. The choir from Lowman Hills were present for the occasion and sang. Mike the introduced his granddaughter and gave her a big hug. She was one of the singers.

The Optimist District Convention with be held in Lawrence, August 16th - 18th. Members are encouraged to attend.

Names that were selected for the drawings were:
1. Tina Gannaway (not present)
2. Gordon ___ (sorry, your last name has slipped my mind.)
3. Daren Davies