From the Smith County Pioneer


-- Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers. (Now that is taking things a big far)
-- Miners refuse to work after death. (They want to rest in peace)
-- Juvenile court to try shooting defendant. (Why not a fair trial?)
-- Red tape holds up bridge. (Wouldn't duct tape be stronger?)
-- Kids make nutritious snacks. (Have you tried one lately?)

 May Meetings: Tom Wigley, Program Chair
May 10 - Law and Order Appreciation Day

---Remaining Meeting in May will be list as soon as they are available

May 3, 2013

Tom Wigley introduced our speaker, Phil Oliver who told about changes at the Capper Foundation since the last time he had visited with the Club. The Capper Foundation is one of the organizations that our Club supports. On Jan 1, 2012, Capper united with Individual Support Systems to provide provide services to children, teenagers and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. He spent time describing the training they provide adults to allow them to obtain jobs in the community. It was also noted that people in the community can have their small engines for mowers, etc, tuned and repaired as well as their automobiles washed and vacuumed. This provides the people being trained, real life experiences.

Nancy Foster indicated that the flowers would be delivered to her house on May 8th. Here is a portion of the email that she sent out after the meeting:

If anyone sold plants they should call and let their customers know they may pick up their flowers at my house anytime after 11 am Wednesday May 8.    My address is 4125 SW 26th St.,  west of the tennis courts on 26th st. 272-1099