From the Smith County Pioneer

Weird Laws:
In California, you are legally entitled to walk you elephant down the road in San Francisco as long as it is on a leash

In Ft. Madison, Iowa, fire departments are required to practice fire fighting for 15 minutes before they head out to fight a real fire.

Also, in Iowa, men with moustaches cannot legally kiss a woman in public

December 21 & 28 Newsletters

There was no regular newsletter last week. Immediately below are pictures taken of some of the dancers and a letter to Nancy from the sponsor of the dance group.

Thank you, Nancy! 

 Several people expressed appreciation to both me and the dancers.  They love to dance as worship, but it's always good for them to hear that sharing this with others has been meaningful. 

 I am sorry that by trying to run through more dances to share, we ended up arriving so late. 

 I don't know if my sister in law had a chance to tell you this, but she hadn't had the opportunity to see her daughter dance, (the one who is training in NYC), for two years- since she went to New York.  She asked me to pass along her heartfelt thank you for the wonderful Christmas present of watching her dance!

 It was a joy for us to be able to dance Silent Night this close to Christmas.  We are invited to dance at Christmas Eve services, but our families need that time to worship together.  

 Please do pass along my contact information.  I usually mention that we love to dance at church services and bring contact cards for anyone who wants one.  So, please do announce at your next meeting that they are invited to contact me if they would like for us to dance at their church or other location.

 Oh- and they ate one box of the chocolates immediately.  We're going to save the other one for when we get together for our Christmas dinner.

 Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Becky Linquist, Cleargold Sponsor
H: 379-9792
C: 224-9715 


December 28 Newsletter
with Dec 21 Drawing Winners