June 10, 2006



The evening began with punch and visiting.  Decorations of black and orange streamers were down the center of all tables.  The head table included a pretty centerpiece of orange carnations.  The other tables had can insulators with bouquets of American flags on orange bandanas and more American flags in between the bouquets.  The evening began with the flag salute led by Harold Cooper.  President, Calvin Hinde gave the invocation.  The meal of smothered steak, herbed potatoes, green beans, corn, lettuce salad, rolls, fruit cobbler, water or iced tea.   Vice-president, Bob Harsh served as emcee for the evening and read a poem by Ray Cornwell, Class of 1940, entitled “Cassoday”  The poem expressed sentiments felt by many in attendance. 


The Class of 1967, the last class to graduate from Cassoday High School, was honored, and each member present received a Cassoday High School belt buckle. 


Calvin Hinde conducted the business meeting.  The minutes from the 2004 reunion were read and approved as read.  Next the 2006 treasurer’s report was read and approved as read.  Calvin asked the alumni if they wanted to continue having reunions.  David Conner made a motion that we continue with the reunions every other year.  Tom Cameron seconded.  Motion carried.  Calvin indicated he and Bob Harsh would like to retire as officers.  Sue (Unruh) Reece nominated Harold Cooper for president.  David Goering seconded.  Rhoda Hodges moved that Harold Cooper be elected with a unanimous ballot.  Ken Goering seconded.  Motion carried.  Gerry (Swanson) Brown moved that David Conner be nominated for Vice-president.   The motion was seconded.  Ed Unruh moved that nominations cease and we cast an unanimous vote for David Conner.  Barbara (Morlege) Mitchell seconded.  The motion carried.  Calvin Hinde moved that Karlea (Rohmeyer) Landman be nominated for Secretary-Treasurer.  Anne (Young) Wilson seconded.  Charles Hodges moved that nominations cease.  Ed Hodges seconded.  The motion carried. 


The program for the evening began with Gerry (Swanson) Brown singing “God Bless America” with the audience singing along with the refrain.  Gerry also sang “Over the Rainbow.”  The person coming the farthest was Myrna (Koons) Parscal, who lives in Hawaii.  She received two of the insulated can holders with the American flag bouquets.  The family with the most Cassoday High School graduates was the Goering family with seven.  David and Ken Goering were in attendance, and they each received a cup insulator with the flag bouquet.   Gerry (Swanson) Brown told how fortunate she feels to have grown up in Cassoday.  Sid Gates read “What Cassoday Means to Me.”  The microphone was passed around for each of the alums to introduce themselves and their spouse and tell of some of their memories of Cassoday. 


The memorial service was conducted by Calvin and Marlene Hinde and Bob and Donnese Hinde.  Those alumni who were remembered  and their year of graduation and year of death were as follows:




Year of Graduation


Year of Death


Waunita (Satterthwaite) Kaltenback



Albert Reed



J. B. Parsons



Earl Strong



Maurice Bullock



Wanda (Mitchell) Jacobs



Howard Watkins



Nelson Chester Coffelt



Louise (Watkins) Johnson



Jack Hursh



Chad Patton




The evening ended with Gerry (Swanson) Brown singing “When You Walk Through a Storm” and “His Eyes Are On The Sparrow.”  Calvin thanked everyone for attending and thanked Gerry and Sid Gates for putting together the program.  Sid Gates brought electronic equipment and recorded all of the evening’s proceedings.  VHS tapes and DVD’s will be made available for those desiring a copy.


                                                                                     Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                     Karlea (Rohmeyer) Landman