June 12, 2004


The evening began with the flag salute and invocation let by President, Calvin Hinde.  A meal of smothered steak, green beans, lettuce salad, herbed potatoes, rolls, and fruit cobbler with ice cream was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.  The tables were beautifully decorated with pastel streamers and fresh flowers with a bouquet at the center of the head table.   Eighty alumni and guests attended the 2004 reunion.


Vice President, Bob Harsh served as emcee for the evening. 


Calvin Hinde told how the town of Cassoday was named.  He also told a little bit about how the school was organized in 1826 and was moved in 1910 from Sycamore Springs to Cassoday after the new school was built in 1909.  The present building was built in 1951.  The first Cassoday High School graduating class was 1917.  The last graduating class was 1967.  The High School was built in 1924.


For our entertainment Geraldine (Swanson) Brown provided karoke music.


The minutes of the 2002 reunion were read and approved as read.  The treasurer’s report was read and approved as read.


There was no old business.


The new business to be conducted was to decide if we want to continue to have reunions.  If so, we need to elect officers for the 2006 reunion.


Marjorie (Hodges) Hartman moved that we continue having the Cassoday High School Reunions every two years as in the past.  The motion was seconded by Ethel (Prewitt) Eggens.  Motion carried.


Marjorie (Hodges) Hartman moved we keep the same slate of officers for 2006 as we had in 2004.  Ethel (Prewitt) Eggens seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Officers for 2006 are as follows:  President, Calvin Hinde; Vice-President, Robert Harsh; Secretary-Treasurer, Karlea (Rohmeyer) Landman.


The program ended with a “Service of Remembrance” for those alumni deceased since 2000.  The service was very impressive.  The closest relative to each of the deceased was asked to take the rose home with them.  Those alumni who were remembered, their year of graduation, and their death year were as follows:


Name                                                                 Graduation Year                     Death Year


Alice (Sturgeon) Dunshee                                      1926                                       2000

Marjorie (Burke) Weber                                            1935                                       2001

Pauline (Harsh) Biggs                                             1935                                       2000

Wanda (Orr) Haverty                                                1938                                       2001

Elizabeth (Betty) (Morlege) Young                          1939                                       2002

Dwayne Harsh                                                          1940                                       2000

Glenna (Lytle) Tate                                                   1940                                       2003

Wilbur Whitham                                                        1941                                       2001

A. G. Gennette                                                          1942                                       2001

Maretta (Burke) Biles                                               1943                                       2002

Mary Frances (Harsh) Poeschal                            1943                                       2002

Harry Miller                                                                1944                                       2001

Melvin Johnson                                                        1947                                       2004

Wayne Swanson                                                      1948                                       2002

Jean (Johnson) Wintermote                                   1951                                       2000

Essie (Harsh) Skeen                                               1952                                       2004

Joyce (Neukirch) Ott                                                1952                                       2003

Clinton Hoy                                                               1957                                       2000

Robert Newton Schuler                                           1963                                       2001

Joyce (Hackler) Coates                                           1966                                       2004

Ted Pankratz                                                             Teacher                                 2001




                                                                         Respectfully submitted,




                                                                         Karlea (Rohmeyer) Landman